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Heritage : Past & Present









From The President | Desiree Martínez
Interpreting Heritage in Architecture | Katalin Máthé PhD
British Residency at Hyderabad | Sriganesh Rajendran
Integrating Historical Found Places in Today's Landscapes | Anett Firnigl, PhD
Hungarian Historic Cemeteries | Imola GECSE-TAR
Heritage Cities of Indonesia | Soehartini Sekartjakrarini
A Summer Resort From The Turn of The Century | Ágnes Bechtold
Towards a Fresh Strategic Framework | Bruno Marques & Diane Menzies
Interview with Diane Menzies by Dato Ismail Ngah
Book review: World Heritage Cultural Landscapes
Book review: Temples, Wadas And Institutions Of Pune A Legacy & Symbolism In Architecture | Vasanti Londhe
"The Nature of Cities" | Martha C. Fajardo


Monday, 18 March 2013