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What is IFLA

The International Federation of Landscape Architects is the body representing Landscape Architects worldwide. Its purpose is to coordinate the activities of member associations when dealing with global issues, and to ensure that the profession of landscape architecture continues to prosper as it continues to effect the design and management of our environment.

The main objectives of the Federation are:

  • The development and promotion of the profession of landscape architecture, together with its related arts and sciences, throughout the world.
  • The understanding of landscape architecture as physical and cultural phenomena concerned with environmental heritage and ecological and social sustainability.
  • The establishment of high standards of professional practice in the design of the landscape, its management, conservation and development.

To achieve these objectives, IFLA is concerned with:

  • The advancement of professional education and continuing professional development of practitioners.
  • The improvement of the image of the profession, and communications between members.
  • Increased membership to achieve greater global representation of our profession.
  • Effective management that makes best use of limited resources and encourages greater participation by members.


IFLA Vision

The organization represents the landscape architectural profession globally, providing leadership and networks supporting the development of the profession and its effective participation in the realization of attractive, equitable and sustainable environments.


IFLA Mission

The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) is a democratic non-profit and non-political, non-governmental organization representing national landscape associations and individual landscape architects globally. It aims to advance the practice of landscape architecture by:

  • encouraging excellence in the design and management of the environment;
  • promoting the skills and achievements of landscape architects to the community, allied professionals and decision makers;
  • advocating professional standards and ethical practice; and
  • providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information with its annual Congress as a means of continuing education and social interaction.

The values IFLA promotes include professionalism, integrity and accountability. As an organization, we celebrate the contribution landscape architects make to our quality of life and the importance our profession has in the sustainability of our planet.

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