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Development of the academic discipline and research profile of landscape architecture

Recommendation for EFLA General Assembly and IFLA World Council from the European regional meeting.

Approved by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), at its 46th World Council. Rio de Janeiro, 19-20 October 2009 and the European Federation for Landscape Architecture (EFLA), the European region of IFLA at its Annual General Assembly. Brussels, 21-22 November 2009.

ifla.efla research profile

IFLA: Guidance Document for Recognition or Accreditation

The International Federation of Landscape Architects through its Charter for Landscape Architectural Education supports the advancement of professional education worldwide. The Charter sets out principles, objectives and criteria for professional educational programmes in Landscape Architecture. This document sets out IFLA guidance on procedures for the recognition and accreditation of such programmes.




IFLA Charter for landscape architectural education

This Charter, as a universal document, can help in the understanding that landscape architectural education constitutes both the socio-cultural, ecological and professional challenge of the contemporary world; and requires the guarantee of protection, development and urgent action.


Final Draft July 2012



ICOMOS Guidelines on education and training in the conservation of monuments, ensembles and sites (1993)

The aim of this document is to promote the establishment of standards and guidelines for education and training in the conservation of monuments, groups of buildings ("ensembles") and sites defined as cultural heritage by the World Heritage Convention of 1972. They include historic buildings, historic areas and towns, archaeological sites, and the contents therein, as well as historic and cultural landscapes.
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